The Stéphanie tunnel will remain shut until at least next weekend

The Regional Brussels-Transport agency has announced that the Stéphanie tunnel will remain shut until at least next weekend. An inspection of the tunnel found big cracks in the concrete in the roof. The tunnel was shut for maintenance late on Sunday the 10th through to early on Monday the 11th of January. An external party will do an extensive risk analysis.

Since a small block of concrete fell in the Rogier tunnel last November, Brussels-Transport has done a systematically checkedthe rooves of Brussels tunnels.

In the Stephanie tunnel, scouring the damaged concrete could cause stability problems. Another analysis will look at whether taking out big blocks would cause stability problems. If experts think there is no risk, the bridge will be scoured and the tunnel can be reopened. If there is a risk, Brussels-Transport will take conservatory measures and do more extensive repair work.

Along with police in the affected zones, Brussels-Transport has advised drivers to avoid driving in the Louise area as much as possible and try and use car share and public transport as much as possible.

For those that have to drive, the regional agency has said they should go into town via rue de la Loi or Midi station, exit via rue Belliard or Midi station. Deviations will be put in place. Traffic officers have been placed a back-up on the most affected roundabouts to try and keep the traffic as fluid as possible during rush hour.

(Source: Belga)

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