Collective responsibility for lack of investment over several decades

Collective responsibility for lack of investment over several decades

There is a collective responsibility for the year-long closure of the Stéphanie tunnel, which is due to a lack of investment over several decades, Brussels DéFI MP Marc Loewenstein has said.

The DéFI MP, a member of the regional Parliament’s Infrastructure Commission, thinks the maintenance of the capital’s tunnels shouldn’t be down to Brussels alone. Some of the tunnels are regularly used by Walloon and Flemish people travelling to Brussels, the country’s economic heart.

“I want to know whether the State, Wallonia and Flanders will support Brussels by putting their hands in their pockets and give back a little of what Brussels brings them”, he said.

He thinks officials should be looking at preventative measures for the future. He also questioned whether the State would invest in putting a RER rail in place, and when Flanders would agree to build an overflow carpark off the ring-road.

Marc Loewenstein believes that “if the State, Wallonia and Flanders don’t do something, Brussels residents will have to do something about it themselves. We should consider an urban toll road. If there is one, it should be neutral for Brussels residents. They shouldn’t be the only ones maintaining theses infrastructures, which also help their neighbours”.

The MP also thinks it is important to discuss how to manage the current traffic situation. This means deciding whether Brussels will adapt the pavement in the town centre to make traffic going though it more fluid.

(Source: Belga)

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