Renovation work on Tunnel Stéphanie started Monday morning

Renovation work on Tunnel Stéphanie started Monday morning

Renovation work on the Tunnel Stéphanie started on Monday morning, Camille Thiry, a spokesperson from Bruxelles Mobilité (which plans highway works and traffic flow in the Brussels region) stated on Monday. The end of this temporary repair with a view to reopening to traffic is expected in May.

The building site began by demolishing the tunnel's central section which separates traffic flow. These concrete preparatory works will last for several days. Their aim is to facilitate work at roof level.

The 16 metres squared slab which is problematic will be mended and then reinforced, specifically with shotcrete. More accurately, the concrete will be scraped to a given thickness. The now exposed framework will be cleaned.  Hooks will then be driven in at regular intervals. They will serve to carry a series of reinforcing frames. Lastly shotcrete will re-cover the entire construction.

Moreover, specific action will be taken to ensure that the construction is watertight between the structures. The latter will necessitate works carried out from the surface.

The building site will not have any new impact on traffic flow, as it will only concern the area which was already closed to traffic on 28th January.

(Source: Belga)

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