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All Brussels communes now have a Flemish library

An official Dutch-language library was opened in the communal De Zeyp centre in Ganshoren on Saturday. It was the only commune in the capital that didn’t have one. The 19 Brussels communes now all have a Dutch-language library.

The Flemish community, the Dutch Community Commission and local councillors have made sure that all Brussels communes have a Dutch-language library. 10 years ago, there were only 13. Since then, Dutch-language libraries have been opened in Auderghem and Forest (2008), Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (2010), Koekelberg (2012) and Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (2014).

“This shows that working together works. It also shows that the status of the Dutch language and relations between Flemish and French-speaking politicians in Brussels has also improved”, said Sven Gatz, the Councillor for Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels Affairs.

(Source: Belga)