The PS adds opinions to “make Brussels together”

The PS adds opinions to “make Brussels together”

The Brussels PS federation gathered opinions during the capital’s “make Brussels together” campaign on Saturday, during a fair on the theme. It was attended by members of the party and numerous experts, like Islam specialist Rachid Benzine, sociologist Andrea Rea, emeritus VUB professor and urban planning specialist Eric Corijn (ULB), and the Rainbow House spokesman Francois Massoz-Fouillien.

Several recommendations were put forward during the workshops, on subjects such as identity, teaching, employment, and training. These are considered tools to make progress on this theme.

“Brussels is a ‘world-city’. People of more than 181 different nationalities live here. The majority of Brussels’ population has foreign roots. We are all ‘Zinneke’. However, the wealth produced is insufficiently redistributed, and socio-economic inequalities led to feelings of relegation and discrimination that create identity tensions”, Laurette Onkelinx said in his opening speech.

The Brussels PS has grouped together participant’s recommendations, to submit them to PS HQ. This will allow them to write the new contract that the PS wants to draw up with citizens.

(Source: Belga)

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