Brussels explosions – Twitter support with the hashtag #PrayForBelgium

Brussels explosions – Twitter support with the hashtag #PrayForBelgium
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On the Twitter social network people have written messages of support for the victims of the explosions which took place on Tuesday in Brussels. The hashtag (to use the modern buzz word) #PrayForBelgium is already featuring amongst one of the most used on this occasion. It is taken from the term which was circulated after the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015, #PrayForParis.

The social network also makes it possible to detect false information which is circulating regarding these attacks. The website “Les décodeurs” (which translates as “The Decoders”), which is linked to the French newspaper Le Monde, warns everyone to be cautious, for example, of a video Twitter post, which is alleged to be a video of the one of the attacks saying, “It is, in fact, as several specialists in the field immediately observed, a video of another attack in Moscow in 2011, which caused 35 deaths.”

(Source: Belga)

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