Local police informed about suspected persons in Schaerbeek but mayor denies

The mayor of Schaerbeek, Bernard Clerfayt, denies that anyone was aware of suspected persons in his commune. On Thursday he denied in “the clearest and strongest” comments that had been attributed to him.

According to these comments, a local police officer had been aware of that suspected persons were staying in an apartment at Rue Max Roos 4 in Schaerbeek.

These persons later turned out to be the two suicide terrorists in the attack in Zaventem airport and a third unidentified person now on the run. They were driven by a taxi driver from this address in Schaerbeek to the airport.

The head of his office said on Thursday that “Mr Clerfayt wants to announce that he never said or had intended to say what was referred to him. He regrets that he was misunderstood because anyway it wasn’t true.”

According to Radio 1 (VRT) the mayor had said that a local inhabitant had informed a police officer of the strange behavior of the tenants in the apartment. Detonators and a large amount of explosives were later found in the apartment. The police officer was said to have launched an investigation the results of which are still unknown.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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