Explosions in Liège last night

Three explosions occurred in the Liège region during the night. One person was slightly injured. A suspected person has been arrested.

Liege firefighters were called three times on Friday evening and in the night from Friday to Saturday. The explosions resulted in minor property damage.

The first explosion happened at 23:40 at rue Pierre Molinghen in Angleur (Liège). The front door of a house was smashed by the blast, slightly injuring a person in the building.

Firefighters were then dispatched at 0:10 to rue de la Belle Fleur in Beyne-Heusay where another explosion took place at another house. A third explosion was heard in the middle of rue Jean Jaurès in Jupille at 0:30.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested by the police and will be brought to the prosecutor in Liège on Saturday morning. The motive behind the explosions is unknown for the moment.

 The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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