Brussels attacks: Police still looking for the man with the hat
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    Brussels attacks: Police still looking for the man with the hat

    Belgian investigators are still trying to identify a man at Zaventem airport wearing glasses, a white jacket and a dark hat. He appears in images taken at the airport just before the terror attack in the company of the two suicide bombers who already have been identified.

    The images were released again on Monday by the federal police. They show the suspect pushing a luggage cart. According to the federal prosecutors, the suspect left his luggage which contained more explosives than those of his accomplices. His explosives were not detonated.

    Several media report that the man with the hat is Faisal Cheffou who was apprehended outside the offices of the federal prosecutor in Brussels and has been but under arrest. He has been charged with participating in a terrorist group, in terrorist murders and in attempted terrorist murders.

    The federal prosecutor however did not confirm this information. On Monday afternoon (28 March) the prosecutor announced that Cheffou has been released. A search was conducted at his home but no weapons or explosives were found.

    According to International New York Times (28 March), Cheffou is “an independent journalist” who appeared in a video in July 2014 criticizing the Belgian government for serving Muslims refugees meals before the end of the Ramadan fast.

    The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)