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Rabbi victim of stone throwing in Forest park in Brussels

A rabbi walking with his brother in law were victims of stone throwing when they were taking a walk in the Forest park in Brussels, according to information released by the south Brussels zone police station (Anderlecht/Saint-Gilles/Forest). “A complaint has been made and investigation of the perpetrators is underway”, indicated spokesperson for the Police, Marie Verbeke.

The incident occurred in the Forest Park around 18h30 on Saturday 26th of March. The rabbi had come to visit from the Netherlands and was taking a walk in the park with his brother in law who lives in Brussels.

They were heading to the synagogue for Saturday prayers when they crossed three people  in the park who started to throw rocks on them.

Following the incident, the two men tried to find a police officer.

Police is looking for video surveillance images in the neighbourhood to identify the perpetrators.  

(Source: Belga)