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Brussels mayor regrets remarks on hooligans from Flanders

Yvan Mayeur regretted on Monday what he had said about Flanders in connection with the protests by “hooligans” on 27 March at Brussels Stock exchange, where tribute is paid to the victims of the terror attacks in Brussels. He also praised the work of the police who has been working under stress since the attacks and said that the constructive dialogue with their representatives, initiated on Monday (11 April) would continue.

“I did say that it was hooligans from Flanders who had come to Brussels. It was, I admit, an unfortunate formulation that can hurt and I sincerely regret it.”

“My goal was not to stigmatize a whole population but to put a finger on the scandalous passivity of the authorities of the town of Vilvoorde and the Interior Minister that had allowed hundreds of people known for their violence enter the city center from Vilvoorde station,” the mayor said.

He was replying to several questions from municipal councilors belonging to the opposition. Most questions concerned the management of events since the attacks in Brussels.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)