Brussels takes a big step towards an obligatory integration process

Brussels takes a big step towards an obligatory integration process

Brussels ministers gave the green light after the first reading of a draft project that would introduce an obligatory integration process for new arrivals. The Brussels Commune Commission which voted on it has drawn up obligatory rules for new arrivals. This was announced by the two ministers involved, Céline Fremault (cdH) and Pascal Smet (SP), on Friday.

If this text is adopted by the Brussels Parliament, in just a few months, adult immigrants aged under 65 who have been living in Belgium for less than 3 years, and who have received their first visa for more than 3 months in Brussels, will have to follow an obligatory integration process. It will involve an individual social check, language classes and a citizenship course.

First off, the new arrival’s situation and needs will be analysed. The person will then be told what they are entitled to, and what is expected of them.

Next, they will receive citizenship training. This will also involve French or Dutch classes, according to their needs.

Communes will be tasked with telling the new arrival about this process, and who operates it.

There will be administrative sanctions if they refuse the training.

Ministers Fremault and Smet said they had permission from the Brussels government to negotiate a cooperation agreement with the Commission for the Brussels French community and the Flemish Community authority, as the process operators will be financed by these two institutions.

(Source: Belga)

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