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    The renovation of the Brussels tunnels will take 15 years


    On Thursday, the Brussels government adopted the multi-year plan to renovate all 26 tunnels in the capital. It will be put in place over the next 15 years, and follow an order of priority depending on the urgency of the work required. This was confirmed by Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet on Friday.

    The Minister has reserved the draft details of the plan for the MPs in the Brussels Parliament’s Infrastructure commission, which will meet on Monday afternoon. But he hinted that most of the work will be done over the next 10 years.

    A budget of 50 to 60 million euros will be allocated every year. Apart from a few exceptions, the tunnels will not be closed during the day outside holiday periods.

    The plan was drawn up after a thorough inspection of all the tunnels, which took three months. They were inspected after part of the Rogier tunnel’s ceiling fell in.

    Through inspections by an external certified bureau led to the Stéphanie and Montgomery tunnels being temporarily closed. The Brussels government also asked SOCOTEC to inspect the electromagnetic material in all the tunnels.

    Using the Seco inspection report and the one done by Egis in 2015-2016, the conclusions of the SOCOTEC electromagnetic inspection, the recommendations of the Tunnel Master Plan, and the conclusions of the Parliamentary Special Tunnel commission, the government eventually drew up the Multi-year Investment Program for the Brussels Tunnels.

    It was helped by experts from the Egis bureau. This plan includes civil engineering work and the renovation of the electromagnetic equipment in the tunnels.                     
    Andy Sanchez (Source: Belga)