New flight schedules for Brussels airport

New flight schedules for Brussels airport

Brussels airport will operate a new flight schedule from 2 May with fewer flights per hour since the total number of passengers has increased faster than expected. This was announced by the airport today (28 April). No date has yet been fixed for the reopening of the departure hall in May.

The renovation works in the departure hall have “entered the final phase.” The partial reopening is foreseen “in early May”.

In its temporary installations, Brussels airport can accommodate up to 18 000 departing passengers “provided that they are spread throughout the day.” The new flight schedule foresees that the number of flights will be limited to 22 flights per hour.

“This is less than the number of flights operated in peak hours since the reopening of the airport in early April. The reduction in flights is due to the increase in the aircraft load factor since the capacity of 18 000 passengers per day was achieved earlier than expected,” Brussels airport stated.

“We aim at operating as many flights as possible while maintaining a capacity of 18 000 passengers per day.”

Some flights will therefore be delayed or depart earlier “to ensure the smooth passage of travelers in the temporary facilities”. The airport will also “start the final phase of the technical preparations for the temporary reopening of the departure hall.”

“The technical renovation is progressing rapidly and will soon be ready. The Directorate General of Air Transport (DGTA), the Federal Police and the Firefighters will then deliver the various authorizations for the reopening," said Brussels airport.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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