Brussels attacks: Mohamed Abrini drafted will on computer

Brussels attacks: Mohamed Abrini drafted will on computer

Mohamed Abrini, the so-called “man in the hat” who became well known through the Brussels attacks, is also accused of plotting the Paris attacks and indeed wrote a will earlier this year.
So BFMTV (the French news channel) is so asserting on Wednesday. In this deleted document dated February 2nd, but found in his computer's recycle bin by investigators, he most evidently approves of the Paris attacks and indicates his wish to die a martyr. Thus the channel further states.

Abrini explains in this document that the death of his brother in Syria, during a suicide attack, in July 2014, drove him to immerse himself in the religion. After looking into the matter, joining Islamic State in his brother's name quickly appeared to him to be the only rightful course of action. In the document, he also describes the November 13th terrorists as “heros” and asks that his mother personally forgive him.

Abrini promises her that he will welcome her, along with his brother, in heaven. Furthermore, and somewhat contradictory to the above, according to BFMTV, Abrini may indeed have sought to trivialise his actual role in the attacks, apparently assuring the investigating judge, “I wouldn't hurt a fly let alone a human being.” He also maintained that his dead accomplices bore full responsibility for the attacks.

(Source: Belga)

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