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    Flooding in the region of Tournai

    © Belga
    © Belga

    Violent storms erupted last night in Mont-de-l’Enclus. Firefighters from Tournai intervened for the cleaning of roads and flooded cellars.

    The thunderstorms, followed by torrential rain, erupted shortly after 19.15 yesterday evening (6 June) in Mont-de-l’Enclus between Tournai and Ronse. The village of Anseroeul was particularly affected.

    “The showers were very short but caused much damage. Between 7:30 pm and 02:00 am we had to intervene 12 times in this village alone because of major mudslides that invaded the streets and caves. Luckily there were no injuries but the damage is substantial,” stated the firefighters who received reinforcements from Mouscron during the night.

    Firefighters from Leuze-en-Hainaut also intervened several times during the night following thunder storms that erupted over the villages of Anvaing and Saint-Sauveur in Frasnes-lez-Anvaing.

    The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)