Children poverty in Brussels

Children poverty in Brussels

About 20 % of children grow up in a family where both parents are unemployed. In Wallonia and Flanders the situation is better as regards children in this situation.

This appears in statistics from the public employment service of Flanders, VDAB, and the Steunpunt Werk research group, according to reports by L'Echo and De Tijd on Tuesday (7 June).

In Brussels, 25.7% of children grow up in families where no one works. This percentage is 18.5% in Wallonia and 6.6% in Flanders. Hardly any other European country displays such levels of children poverty according to the dailies.

"The data indicate that part of the population is marginalized and has become totally disconnected from the labor market,” says Willem Vansina from VDAB.

“Experience tells us that it will be very difficult for children who grow up in such an environment to get out of this critical situation. Result: poverty is passed from one generation to another."

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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