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Brussels police overloaded with work

Belgium needs a police force that can focus on terrorism. The public prosecutor in Brussels, Jean-Marc Meilleur, stated on Wednesday (6 July) in the newspaper De Tijd that the major terrorism cases are undermining the ordinary work of the police in Brussels.

“The federal police in Brussels are responsible for very large terrorism cases. For years and especially in recent months this has been eroding the functioning of the Brussels police,” he says. “Other police departments dealing with general crime, human trafficking and financial crime must assist in the terrorism cases.”

“The local police in Brussels are also requested to take on cases. Therefore they cannot carry out their basic tasks in the neighborhoods. A central police force in charge of all terrorism cases with a sufficient number of investigators would resolve the situation. The police in Brussels would be able to fulfil their tasks.”

The ministers of interior and justice, Jan Jambon and Koen Geens, are awaiting the recommendations of the commission of inquiry into the terrorist attacks on 22 March.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)