Creation of Regional Housing Assistance Unit for Brussels’ homeless

Creation of Regional Housing Assistance Unit for Brussels’ homeless
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Yesterday (Thursday) Brussels ministers gave the green light to the creation of a regional housing assistance unit intended for the capital’s homeless. This is in accordance with the policy note upon homeless assistance, which these ministers approved on November 20th, 2015 wearing their hats as the Common Community Commission.

The so-called “Cocom” granted 125,000 euros to the not-for-profit organisation Ilot (which offers homeless services) to undertake “housing assistance” projects.

Wearing her Housing Minister hat, Céline Fremault (Humanist Democratic Centre) will supplement this financial envelope with a budget of 50,000 euros.

According to the ministers for Community, the Fight against poverty and Housing, Céline Fremault and Pascal Smet, the creation of this “housing assistance unit” will make possible homeless structures which provisionally accommodate the homeless.

In addition, there will be other support programmes for those living on the streets, offering concrete housing solutions to the homeless.

The Regional Housing Assistance Unit will aim to identify adapted and inexpensive flats, convincing their owners to offer a tenancy to the creditworthy poor. It will build links with temporary accommodation solutions for the homeless. It can thus suggest sustainable housing solutions to its service users.

The cell will also be responsible for establishing partnerships with social housing agencies (SHAs) to increase housing provision.

It will organise, in partnership with organisations which are active in the Community sector, social support. This will make it possible for tenants to stay in accommodation (including rent payments, psycho-social support, social assistance and other options).

The Regional Housing Assistance Unit will be accommodated within the non-for-profit organisation Ilot. Nevertheless, it will serve all homeless residential needs.

(Source: Belga)

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