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Brussels: two new weekly markets in Sablon and Marolles


Two new weekly markets will appear in the centre of Brussels on Saturday. They will be geared towards creative and graphic arts. They are the brainchild of Economic Affairs councillor Marion Lemesre.

There will be a creative arts market in Marolles every Saturday, from 10am to 6pm. The “Brueghel Art” market will be on the place de la Chapelle every Saturday, from 12pm to 6pm. The public will be able to browse their way through original artwork.

“These two new markets, Brueghel Art and Loisirs Créatifs, are designed to create a link between Sablon and place du Jeu de Balle. They centre on art and creation, and their location is designed to fit in with the atmosphere around Sablon and Marolles”, the Brussels councillor explained in a press release.

He said he is often approached by residents or associations that want a market in their neighbourhood. Markets are seen as convivial, and a place to develop social ties.

(Source: Belga)