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    Terror attack in Nice: More than 80 people killed

    © Belga
    © Belga

    A truck driver ploughed into the crowed along a distance of 2 km on Promenade des Anglais in Nice. The attack happened on Thursday night on Bastille Day, the French national day on 14 July, just after the fireworks started. More than 80 people are reported to have been killed and many injured, among them 20 critically.

    According to documents found in the truck, the perpetrator is a 31 old French-Tunisian from Nice. He also used a gun before being shot dead by the police. More weapons were found in the truck.

    “France as a whole is threatened by Islamic terrorism,” said President Francois Hollande. “France is horrified but nothing will lead us to give up in the fight against terrorism”.

    He announced that the state of emergency, that was due to expire on 26 July, will be extended by three months and that thousands of more soldiers will be mobilized in addition to police forces.

    The Belgian ministry of foreign affairs has announced that there still is no information if any Belgians are among the victims. The ministry has opened a contact number: 02 – 501 40 00.

    “Through our offices in Brussels and consulates in Marseille and Nice we are looking for information. There are many Belgians who live in the region or are on vacation there,” said Didier Reynders, minister of foreign affairs from Ulan Bator in Mongolia, where he is attending an Asia-Europe summit.

    The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)