Panic in Liege after shooting incident

Four persons spread panic on Monday evening (18 July) in the center of Liege by firing blank bullets. All four of them have been identified by the police. One of them was arrested overnight and will be brought before a judge in the morning. The other three are pending interrogation by the judicial authorities.

The incident happened around 18:30 at Place de la République Française. The four were driving a car and fired three shots at the height of McDonald’s before fleeing the scene in the direction of University Street.

The place, usually busy at that time, was quickly emptied by a panicked crowd. In the current context of terror threats, the police did not hesitate to deploy all security measures although no one was injured.

It emerged later that the shooting had been carried out with blank bullets. These are, however, not without danger. The three cartridge cases were found on the site and will be analyzed by the police laboratory.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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