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Death threats against Belgian-Turkish federation

Complaint filed yesterday (27 July) in Ghent “Threats of death and destruction against the members of Fedactio must stop, “said the lawyer, Me Van Steenbrugge.”

Fedactio, The Federation of Active Associations, was founded in 2010 and is an umbrella organisation of about seventy Belgian-Turkish organisations in Belgium. It states on its website that it wants to contribute constructively to Belgian society and integration.

According to the lawyer, the situation worsens and safety measures must be taken. “Fedactio, which has no connection with the Gulenist movement brings together intellectuals who stand for peace and human rights and are against the death penalty.”

“This is probably why Fedactio is targeted today,” he added. The Gulenist movement has been accused by the Turkish government for being behind the failed military coup in the country.

“Besides the city of Ghent, where the graffiti on the facades is particularly visible, vandalism and death threats also occur in Antwerp, Brussels, Limburg etc. The situation is going from bad to worse and it has to stop.”

“We require a thorough investigation. No name is mentioned in the complaint,” the lawyer said.

According to Fedactio, its first wish is to promote reconciliation and a peace dialogue. “We are ready at any time to engage with those who want it and to ensure that calm returns.”

In a statement, Fedactio condemns “all forms of anti-democratic intervention against a legally elected government.”

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)