Man seriously injured in brawl between two homeless men in Brussels

Man seriously injured in brawl between two homeless men in Brussels

A man was seriously injured in a fight between two homeless men in Brussels, which happened yesterday (Tuesday). He is in a life-threatening condition. His assumed attacker, a man aged 42, is well known to the courts and was placed in the hands of the judicial authorities. This was for the crime of assault and battery, the Brussels Public Prosecutor indicated yesterday (Tuesday).

A local police patrol was dispatched to the crime scene yesterday shortly before 4.00 p.m. in Rue Haute in Brussels, where the fight was indicated to have taken place.

Upon arrival at the scene, police found the victim the victim laid out on the ground, whilst the emergency paramedic services were providing medical assistance.

Witnesses indicated the assumed perpetrator of the punches, who was arrested. From their statements, it appears that an altercation broke out between the victim and his aggressor, both of whom were homeless people.

The suspect hit the victim, who then fell by knocking his head on the edge of the pavement. He was taken to hospital and remains in a life-threatening condition.

The suspect first confirmed that the victim had verbally insulted him before stating that he had pushed him. He finally modified his version still further by indicating that the victim had tried to strangle him and that he was thus, through his actions, defending himself.

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