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Four police officers injured in incident in Brussels

One person arrested for incitement to violence in anti-drug police inspection A young man, 19, was arrested in the Matonge district in Brussels on Tuesday afternoon (9 August) for causing a riot against police. Four police officers were injured, three of which with an estimated absence from work from four to 22 days.

As part of a preventive action against drugs, inspectors on patrol in Matonge were verbally assaulted on Tuesday around 13 pm near Chaussée de Wavre by an individual, then a second one, who also spat at their feet.

The 19 year old person refused to show his identity card. During the inspection, he pushed repeatedly one of the inspectors and called his friends to help him. In response, shoes, chairs, stools and other things poured in from all sides at the police and their service vehicle.

The suspect took advantage of the chaos to give several kicks and punches to the inspector who kept him. Several other unidentified individuals attacked other police officers present.

The service van was also damaged in the incident. The young man who incited to violence is known to the police.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)