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7,753 kilometre charge fines in spotlight

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The kilometre charge introduced for lorries is, once again, causing dissent amongst lorry drivers.
© Belga

Some 7,753 fines relating to the kilometre charge tax were disputed with the Brussels Tax Administration during the period from April to July this year.
This information comes in the response of the Brussels Minister of Finances, Guy Vanhengel, to a written question by the deputy, Marc Loewenstein (the Brussels Liberal and Socialist party).

The Information has been relayed by the Occupational Union of Transport and Logistics (OUTL) today (Wednesday).

A total of 1,829 fines were paid, of which 54 were reimbursed after being disputed, for a total of 54,031 euros. This was indicated by Guy Vanhengel.

The minister adds in his response, “It is appropriate to state that the competent authority has just started a reimbursement procedure and that (suspected) offenders may seek a payment extension pending a resolution on their payment challenge.”

For the OUTL, the efficiency of the kilometre-based charge’s payment system, in force for HGVs since April 1st, has become increasingly difficult to defend.

This is due to the number of cases disputed cases for fines issued (4.24%), the organisation stresses in a communiqué.

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