A Willebroek teenager escapes abduction

A Willebroek teenager escapes abduction

A Willebroek teenager, aged 14, escaped abduction when returning home from school.

A sack was slipped over her head and she was taken to a minibus.

The victim was able to extricate herself from the vehicle and escaped.

The Malines-Willebroek police and the Malin division of the Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s Office are actively looking for witneses.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office indicated this yesterday (Tuesday) in a communiqué.

The young girl got off her own bus around 4.40 p.m. on August Van Landeghemplein in Willebroek.

She was walking towards her home along Kapellenboslaan, when she saw a dark-coloured minibus, before being forced to climb aboard by its passengers.

The teenager then jumped out of the vehicle and returned home on foot, where her parents then alerted the police.

The police and Antwerp Public Prosecutor’s office are looking for witnesses. These include anybody who may have witnessed the crime or seen a dark-coloured minibus on Kapellenboslaan.

It may be the case that other witnesses present on Boomsesteenweg, where the young girl jumped out of the vehicle, may also turn up with relevant information.

All potentially useful information should be passed to the Malines-Willebroek police on the contact number (015/464.464).

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