“The cdH should question its own approach” Catherine Fonck confirms
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    “The cdH should question its own approach” Catherine Fonck confirms

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    Is it the end of the road or a new beginning for the cdH?
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    The continuous decline of the cdH (Humanist Democratic Centre) in the opinion polls should force the party to question itself, by organising a collective discussion which includes sympathizers. The Head of the Centrist group, Catherine Fonck, confirms this in La Libre today (Tuesday).

    Ms Fonck says, “We need to dare to have a confrontational debate and to question ourselves. Benoît Lutgen, as President of the party, should spearhead this.”

    She goes on, “I think that there is an entire series of strategic issues which we should run through together, around, for example, communication or contact with citizens.”

    The Brussels deputy Hamza Fassi-Fihri and the Vice-President of the Walloon government, Maxime Prévot, appeared to put into perspective, in recent days, the most recent opinion poll, giving the cdH 10.5% in Wallonia and 6.5% in Brussels.

    Prévot did not herself consider these results to be trivial.

    “I believe that we need to conduct a collective reflection exercise, including cdH sympathizers,” Catherine Fonck states. She elaborates her argument considering that Benoît Lutgen remains “the man of the moment, but we should no longer say that these opinion polls are meaningless.”

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times