New “Greencity” district is springing up in north of Brussels
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    New “Greencity” district is springing up in north of Brussels

    “Greencity” district - to bring “environmentally-friendly” to Brussels.

    The Brussels regional authorities yesterday morning (Monday) gave a symbolic kick-off to the construction across 4.5 hectares, to a new district “Greencity”, envisaged from its conception to be exemplary in terms of sustainable development but also social and operational diversity. Built in Laeken along around 100 metres of the canal, the new district will comprise some 400 accommodation units (271 average dwellings and 126 social housing housing units). The first units will be completed by the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

    There will also be two crèches, shops and a 20-acre public park. Several new refuse units will be scattered across the site.

    All of the buildings have so-called passive elements, and at least 35% of the buildings will respond to zero energy criteria.

    To limit as much as possible the ecological footprint of this new district, a cogeneration system, photovoltaïc cells, waste water treatment and an urban heating network are also planned.

    In an attempt to favour social cohesion, inhabitants will share welcoming spaces and gardens within the island, as well as collective laundry facilities where energy (green-generated electricity) and water (from rain) will naturally be free.

    Vegetable gardens and leisure spaces will be built for their benefit on top of buildings.

    According to, the public linchpin of this project with the promotor Parbam, investment in this project is around 100 million euros.

    The project has been a long time materialising, having been on the cards since 2007 owing, in particular, to the planning appeals it has given rise to.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times