St John’s International School in Brussels joins the “Inspired Network”
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    St John’s International School in Brussels joins the “Inspired Network”


    Interview with Raymond Holliday-Bersegeay OBE, Head of School at St. John’s International School and Dr. Stephen Spurr, Inspired Group Education Director.

    Raymond Holliday-Bersegeay OBE (left), Head of School at St. John’s International School and Dr. Stephen Spurr (right), Inspired Group Education Director

    Q: What are you announcing?

    A: Raymond Holliday-Bersegeay: “St. John’s International School is delighted to announce that it has become part of Inspired, a leading operator of a network of premium schools in Europe, Australia, Africa and South America. The school’s previous owners, the Faithful Companions of Jesus, have transferred ownership of the school to Inspired. The FCJ sisters have always been fully committed to securing the future of the school. However, over the past few years it had become obvious to them that such an excellent school needs a level of investment that their resources could not sustain. So the next logical step was to begin an extensive search to find a partner who would be able to carry on our vision and commitment to serving the St. John’s community.”

    Dr. Stephen Spurr: “To add to what Ray just said, Inspired knows that a priority for the FCJ Sisters was to find new owners who put education first. We are honoured and excited to be the new proprietor of St. John’s and to work with the school leadership and staff to continue to serve the community of current, past and future students and parents.”

    Q: What are the advantages of being part of the Inspired network?

    A: Dr. Spurr: “We are an international group of 23 premium schools educating over 15,000 students on four continents. The Group is led by top educationalists. We are a co-educational, independent schools group designed to inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in a nurturing, progressive academic environment. The focus is on identifying and developing the unique individuality and talents of all students, building their confidence and equipping them to take on the world with the skills and self-assurance to ensure success. Each lnspired school has a strong reputation for academic, cultural and sporting excellence. This is the premium group that St John’s has now joined – over 20 high-performing, forward-thinking schools worldwide, and a large extended international family of 15,000 students. Each school, while rooted in – and contributing to – its community, forms part of a global network, providing regular opportunities for the exchange both of ideas and best practice and of students and their teachers. This is precisely the sort of education that we believe will be an advantage in tomorrow’s world, and from which we are certain the students of St. John’s will derive great benefit.”

    Ray: “And if I may add, from St. John’s point of view, we also wanted to be sure that the new owners would truly understand the school’s history, ethos and founding values; its traditions and the special bonds of affection that alumni of St. John’s hold. We looked for people who could provide an exciting, sustainable future for our community and in Inspired we have found the perfect match.”

    Q: How will this change what St. John’s is offering?

    A: Dr. Spurr: “Inspired has the financial capacity to invest appropriately in facilities, infrastructures, resources and programmes to support further educational improvements. We are very excited with the work that St. John’s has been doing. So we are going to be providing support while St. John’s remains a not-for-profit and operates independently.”

    Ray: “For St. John’s, this is a very exciting chapter. We feel our school’s long running educational philosophy and ethos, along with our educational programs and engaged community, fit perfectly in the Inspired network. To become part of this leading and well-respected network will help further enhance our facilities and educational programs. There will be many additional growth opportunities, not only for our students and faculty, but for the school community as a whole.”

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