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Forest hostage situation: son of alderman accused

The perpetrator of the hostage situation yesterday is thought to be the alderman's son with mental health problems.

The perpetrator of a hostage situation yesterday evening (Tuesday) in Forest, is thought to be the son of the alderman, Marc-Jean Ghyssels. This appears in the Sudpresse group publications today. Mr Ahmed Ouartassi (of the PS), the Alderman for Sports, Early Years and Extracurricular Education in Fores, made a statement to this effect, during the municipal council meeting on yesterday (Tuesday) night.

The Mayor said the alderman did so shortly after this chain of events had begun.

Ouartassi “revealed his deep dismay regarding the actions of one of his four children.”

He said that “his son has suffered from major mental health problems for years,” the mayor told the daily newspaper Le Soir.

Ghyssels refused to comment in detail about the matter.

In summary, on Tuesday evening, a man armed with a knife, held several people hostage in the Carrefour Market shop, on the Chaussée d’Alsemberg in Forest.

Eventually, he surrendered and was restrained by the police.  Yesterday evening, the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office was not yet in a position to communicate details of the suspects identity, his weapon or his motive.

There is nothing to indicate that the suspect had terrorist motives.

The Brussels Times