Docks Bruxsel: new commercial complex opened in presence de 2,500 people

Docks Bruxsel: new commercial complex opened in presence de 2,500 people

Some 2,500 people attended the official launch yesterday evening (Wednesday) by the boards of Equilis, and its partner TPF, of the new commercial district Docks Bruxsel. Located to the north of Brussels, it opened to the public at 10.00 a.m. today (Thursday).

The event was organised in the presence of numerous celebrities and representatives from the political and economic spheres.

The Brussels Minister-President, Rudi Vervoort. took this opportunity to announce the upcoming opening on the site of a museum dedicated to its industrial past, located close to the Familistère de Godin (Godin’s so-called social palace).

In addition, there were several regional government members present. The ex-Minister-President, Charles Picqué, and the ex-Brussels Minister for the Economy Benoît Cerexhe (from the Humanist Democratic Centre – cdH) were also at the event.

Both of the latter had supported the project since its inception ten years ago.

Currently head of the cdH in the regional parliament, he welcomed, from the sidelines of this in inauguration, the opening of the complex.

He said that it had occurred thanks to the combined efforts of both successive Brussels governments since 2006, as well as successive elected members to Brussels City Council within the same period.

He stressed, “The latter ensured that creation of the first planned development was created to the north of Brussels-Capital region, with all of the advantages which this generates to the inhabitants of Brussels in terms of employment.”

The majority of elected representatives of Brussels City Council, including the opposition were also present.

Amongst these were the mayor Yvan Mayeur who, when invited to take the floor, also welcomed the prospect of jobs offered by the completed project.

Mayeur says the project is an indication that investors believe in Brussels.

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