Translantic Free Trade Agreement – More than 200 anti-CETA youngsters rock the boat in the Place du Luxembourg

In response to the appeal of the TTIP Game Over platform, around 250 people gathered from 8.30 p.m. last night (Thursday).
This occurred in the Place du Luxembourg, in front of the European Parliament in Brussels, with a view to denouncing the nearby realms of lobbyists and decision-makers.

The demonstrators were smartly dressed, so as to be confused with customers in bars and restaurants located all around the square.

They let off flares at 8.30 p.m. They then sang “Do you hear the people sing?”, the song from the musical Les Misèrables, which has become the anthem to mobilise citizens against the free trade treaties.

These two treaties are between the European Union with firstly Canada (CETA) and secondly the United States (TTIP).

Flagging tape, in police colours but with anti-CETA and anti-TTIP messages, was used all around the square.

One of the participants explained that the action was intended to make the voices of citizens heard amongst European decision-makers.

She said, “This is an informal location gathering together several lobbyists and individuals working in the European institutions. There is a Brussels bubble. The dividing line between formal and informal relationships is porous.”

In conclusion the women said, “We wanted to show our opposition to the collusion between the business world and the political world. We feel that this proximity has led to CETA being signed.”

Earlier in the day, around 50 youngsters also dressed in evening wear, drank champagne in front of The Berlaymont, the seat of the European Commission.

They were imitating the lobbyists who were then celebrating the signature of CETA last Sunday.

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