NSA may have hacked Free University of Brussels and the RTBF servers

The RTBF and the Free University of Brussels are amongst Web addresses, which may have been hacked by the American intelligence agency, the National Security Agency (NSA). This is reported by L’Echo today (Friday).

Harold Martin, formerly contracted to the NSA, wanted by the USA for espionage, is suspected of having stolen data, which was classified as “top secret”.

Recently, a collective of cybercriminals known as Shadow Brokers, with which Mr Martin was associated, made a document public. This comprised hundreds of web server addresses.

L’Echo explains that these may have been hacked or exploited by malicious NSA software in around fifty countries.

As referred to above, three Belgian server addresses feature, two linked to the Free University of Brussels and one linked to the RTBF.

A large number of IP addresses on the document are linked to universities and other institutions, as well as public agencies.

RTBF have confirmed that the server in question is not working at the moment.

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