Trial platform for simplifying social housing requests in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region Housing Organization (SLRB) and Public Service Real Estate Companies (SISP) launched Thursday a trial phase of Fidus. The endeavour is a platform allowing the safe transmission of personal data between administrations. “Eventually this platform will reduce the administrative burden both for the services concerned and for the applicants,” stated SLRB in a communiqué.  

Developed by the Brussels-Capital Region ICT Centre, Fidus is aimed at Brussels public services. The platform will facilitate access to personal data such as national registration number, date of birth, name and last name, sex, household composition, and possible disabilities of housing candidates.     

The Privacy Protection Commission has given its go-ahead and measures have been taken to guarantee the security of the system, assures SLRB.

Following the trial phase, during 2017, “all measures taken will envisage the adaption of legislation,” also stated SLRB, content that “in future, candidates will have less documents to present to their SISP when applying for social housing.”  

(Source: Belga)

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