Brussels Airport wishes to generate 120,000 jobs by 2040

Brussels Airport wishes to generate 120,000 jobs by 2040
Arnaud Feist expects jumbo-sized plans to take off at Brussels airport by 2040.© Belga

Brussels Airport Company (BAC) is striving to increase passenger and freight activities by 2040. The strategic vision presented on Thursday (yesterday) by the CEO, Arnaud Feist, also anticipates a rocketing increase by a factor of two in the number of jobs generated by the airport, or 120,000 jobs in 25 years.

Amongst the challenges posed by BAC’s ambition, Arnaud Feist points up the capacity for take-offs and landings per hour at the airport, which is currently too dependent on weather conditions.

The aim is to go from the current 74 movements (landings and take-offs) to 84 by 2020, through optimising the use of runways.

By 2040, it is hoped to go up to 93 movements in normal weather conditions, and 84 in case of adverse weather conditions.

To achieve this, two options which have already been mentioned, are still in the process of being studied. One of these is extending runway 25L by 900 metres.

To absorb the increase in passenger numbers, the airport has the ambition to build two new dock-type piers, one in 2023 (A) and another in 2035 (C).

The residents, amongst other stakeholders, will be invited to communicate with the airport via Forum 2040. They can register on the website from today.

Around sixty participants will be selected, on the basis of their address or their expertise, to ensure equal representation amongst stakeholders.

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