Shootout in Les Marolles: Victim attempts to kidnap suspect’s relative

Following a shootout in the Brussels neighbourhood of Les Marolles on October 30, a second investigation has been opened. This time into an attempt on November 8 to abduct a relative of the suspected shooter by one of his victims and his brother, according to a report in La Dernière Heure daily, confirmed on Friday by the Office of the Brussels Public Prosecutor.

The Prosecutor’s Office said the presumed shooter, who had been on the run since the shootout, gave himself up to the police on November 9 and was remanded in custody on the same day. He, however, denies being the shooter.

A first suspect had been held soon after the attack, but was released after being questioned.

During the October 30 attack, a man had fired a rifle into a group composed of members of two gangs in a street in the Brussels neighbourhood, hitting two brothers. One was lightly wounded while the other sustained more serious, but not life-threatening, injuries to the buttocks and arm. The reasons for the attack have not yet been determined.

The victims, aged 17 and 24, come from a family known to the justice authorities for drug trafficking and other crimes.

(Source: Belga)

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