Brussels Emergency services named Brusseleirs of the year 2016

Brussels Emergency services named Brusseleirs of the year 2016
Reports say assistance quickly arrived on the scene. Credit: © Belga

Brussels Police, Firemen and Paramedics were named Brusseleirs of the year 2016 on Saturday evening, because of their bravery during the 22nd of March terrorist attacks. The award was given out by the be.brusseleir association and the Flemish Minister for Brussels, Sven Gatz.

“This is huge recognition. But I have to admit that a large number of civilians also helped on the 22nd of March”, says Christian De Koninck, the spokesman for the Brussels Capital-Ixelles police. He accepted the award on behalf of his colleagues. “Hotels opened their doors to people in need of medical help, and gave food and drink to victims and emergency service workers. Other people also offered to help care for the victims”.

People from the Bossemans and Coppenolle theatres were also awarded for their role in keeping the Brussels dialect alive. The dialect is promoted by the be.brusseleir association.

These awards mark the start of “Weik van’t Brussels”, a period of festivities that will last until the 11th of December.

(Source: Belga)

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