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Brussels deputy proposes extended history lessons in school

Pupils should learn about European colonisation Brussels deputy Catherine Moureaux (PS) proposes to adapt part of the history curriculum in secondary education according to the origin of the pupil, write Sudpresse on Wednesday (23 November). French-speaking Minister of Education Marie-Martine Schyns (cdH) said she is open to the proposal.

“At the end of their studies, all students in secondary education should at least have been confronted with the history of colonisation and decolonisation in Congo, but also with that of another country,” explains Catherine Moureaux.

Minister Schyns does not oppose the proposal, but is awaiting the conclusions of the work on the so-called Pact of Excellence before launching this process. However, field workers stress the practical difficulties that this reform would entail, explaining that currently the teaching of certain themes such as the Holocaust or evolution is not without problems in some schools.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)