First for Brussels: apartments to be rented out without owner consent

First for Brussels: apartments to be rented out without owner consent
Mohamed Ouriaghli announces renovation plan for building near Place de la Monnaie.

A property located near Place de la Monnaie in Brussels will be rented by 2018 without its owner's consent. This was announced on-site yesterday (Wednesday) by the Alderman for Housing, Mohamed Ouriaghli (of the PS). He says that this is a first for the Brussels region.

Since 2014, public real property operators have had the option to take on the management of a building which is unfit for habitation or unoccupied.

The authorities from Brussels City Council state that the owner of the building, 6 Rue des Fripiers, has been hostile to any approach to rent the floors.

The authorities also say that the ground floor was intended for use as shops and businesses.

By 2018, four flats will be rented in this building, each having a monthly rent of 260 euros, probably for students.

Brussels City Council Land Management will complete renovation works with an estimated cost of 343,000 euros.

This total will be recouped by the Council at the end of a period of 28 years and six months.

Under the procedure, at that time, the owner (or his successors-in-title) may once again take possession of his property.

However, at any time, the owner can once again enjoy his property as he wishes, provided that he introduces a project plan for the premises and reimburses all costs incurred.

Brussels City Council stresses the importance of developing the property above the ground floor.

Mohamed Ouriaghli considers that, “This might possibly inspire other owners owning property totalling hundreds of metres squared above shops and businesses.”

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