Brussels Criminal Court - 40-month prison sentences for gang rape

Brussels Criminal Court pronounced 40-month prison sentences, yesterday afternoon, for four men found guilty of gang rape and holding a person against her will. This had occurred in 2012 in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. Moreover, the court acquitted a fifth individual of this charge.

As indicated, the court considered that this was gang rape, sentencing four out of five of those charged.

The four men convicted, aged between 22 and 24, all with previous convictions, were given 40-month prison sentences.

In establishing that they had committed the crime, the fingerprints of all men were found on contraceptives at the scene.

All four men convicted pleaded “not guilty”, each confirming that, at different times, they had had consensual sex with the victim.

However the court held that their account of events lacked credibility. It emerged from the case that all four men knew each other very well and lived in the same district.

Moreover, the judges held that the victim was in no state of health, at the time, to consent to sexual relations.

The victim, a 36 year old woman, who did not file civil proceedings instead filed criminal proceedings for gang rape.

She was subjected to this treatment for several hours on the night of 11th December and 12th December, 2012.

The incident occurred in a squat on Rue de Mexico in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

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