Lower gas and electricity rates in Brussels next year

Consumers will save on average 30 euros The Brussels energy regulator BRUGEL has decided to modify downwards the gas and electricity distribution rates initially set for 5 years and in force since January 2015. The Brussels consumers will see their energy bills decrease on average by 30 euros in 2017.

The newspaper L’Echo refers in its edition today (2 December) to an average reduction of some 40 euros depending on a slightly higher consumption and if the consumer opts for the most advantageous offer.

According to Brugel, for a professional customer, the decline could be even more important, depending on its annual consumption level.

Following the first “ex post” tariff control of the 2015-2019 regulatory, BRUGEL wanted to make some adjustments. These concern, inter alia, the tariff regulation fund.

By the end of 2015, the fund amounted to  € 212.1 million, of which € 97.6 million had not yet been allocated. BRUGEL therefore wanted to redistribute these various amounts to Brussels consumers, while guaranteeing a stable rate for the next regulatory period.

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)


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