N-VA threatens to block funds to Brussels

N-VA threatens to block funds to Brussels

The money should not be used for social purposes The money budgeted by the federal government for Brussels is not used for its intended purposes according to federal deputy Inez De Coninck (N-VA). Her party, the New Flemish Alliance, is now threatening to block next budget for 2019-2020, writes De Morgen on Monday (5 December).

The Federal Government is providing additional funds to the Brussels-Capital Region through its Beliris fund. The funding is used to promote the region’s international reputation and to support Brussels in its role as capital, such as the renovation of cultural buildings, the construction of subway lines or the allocation of additional funds for security.

This is a significant sum, with € 720 million expected for 2016 – 2018.

The N-VA is not happy that the money is also injected into social housing and training centers. “These are areas that should be funded by the local authority,” says Inez De Coninck. “This is a hidden transfer from the federal level to finance projects for which the municipal administration is failing. Education is still not a federal responsibility.”

The minister in charge, Didier Reynders (MR), refers to agreements of the past in the process of expiring. He also advocates the use of targeted funds.

Inez De Coninck wants to put pressure on the negotiations that will soon begin for the new Beliris agreement concerning the years 2019 and 2020. “If the Brussels government continues like this, we will close the tap,” she threatens. “We will not sign the Beliris agreement. They will soon feel it.”

The Brussels Times (Source: Belga)

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