Parking laws will be more standardised from the 1st of January

Parking laws will be more standardised from the 1st of January

There will be new parking laws in Brussels from the 1st of January. The Brussels government wants to standardise and clarify parking laws. The new bill will be passed on to the Belgian Monitor’s office. One change is that residents with a permit will be able to park within a 1.5km² radius of their house. This includes residents who live near communal borders.

The Brussels Mobility Minister, Pascal Smet, says the new laws are the result of “intense and successful discussions” with communal authorities.

Every motorist with a permit will be able to park in a designated area, which could cross over several different communes. It includes 4 to 5 of the 320 “mailles” the region is sub-divided into. A “maille” is on average 40ha.

If communal authorities want to, they can divide their territory into different geographical sectors. Motorists would have to park their vehicle in a sector decided by the communes.

Permit holders will be offered a default option, but they can change it according to their routine and needs. However, the different “mailles” have to be next to each other.

The permit will apply to both sides of the road in streets that are in two communes.

Parking permits that cover the entire region will be issued for car share operators.

The law will also include special permits (Police and School) that cover several sectors.

There will be 7 types of parking permit, including professional and visitor permits. There were 14 before.

There will be minimum and maximum limits.

(Source: Belga)

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