Brussels training centre dedicated to technical and industrial trades

Brussels training centre dedicated to technical and industrial trades
A new training centre will now be established in Anderlecht.

In 18 months time, the Brussels region will have, in the Erasmus North industrial park, at Anderlecht, a training and employment pole. This will have a surface area of 7,228 m2 and be dedicated to technical and industrial trades.The first brick of the new complex, for which Beliris have the development contract, was laid yesterday (Wednesday).

This pole will make training in trades with a skills shortage viable. These include welding, elevator manufacture and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The pole will indeed accommodate nearly 500 students per day.

The building will be comprised of two wings. At the front, it will specifically accommodate offices, I.T. rooms, meeting rooms and a cafeteria. This will also meet low energy standards.

At the back, workshops and lecture rooms will be built, in an industrial style. Particular attention will be paid to security, maintenance, and functionality.

Located a stone's throw from a metro station, a railway station, a park-and-ride, and by a motorway, the complex will be easily accessible to students and lorries transporting the training materials.

Covered bike shelters and places specifically reserved for car sharing complete the picture.

The training-employment pole is targeting three sections of the public. These include those seeking work in training and research desiring an employment-related qualification and students of professional research and development (R&D), looking to make this field their career. The third group are those working in product research improvement units.

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