Molenbeek police sees budget reduction

Molenbeek police sees budget reduction
The police budgets across Brussels for 2017 have been allocated disproportionately.© Belga

The Brussels-West police zone will receive the lowest budget amount of all Brussels police zones in 2017. Hans Bonte, the Deputy Mayor of Vilvorde (of the Alternative Socialists), is demanding changes to this.

Despite the police being snowed under with work in the Brussels-West zone, this police zone will, in relative terms, receive the lowest budget amount.

The Brussels-West zone receives 15 euros per head of its population less than the wealthier police zones in the south of the region (Uccle, Watermael-Boitsfort and Woluwe-Saint-Pierre).

Vilvorde, from where several dozen youngsters left for Syria, moreover receives three times less money per inhabitant than the commune Doische, in the Namur province.

Hans Bonte considers, “It is absolutely incomprehensible that these totals have not been adjusted following the March 22nd attacks. Molenbeek needs greater financial means.”

The Interior Minister Jan Jambon (of the New Flemish Alliance) admits that there are imbalances, but is steadfastly refusing to alter the allocated budgets.

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