Explanation for manufacture of bomb discovered in prison
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    Explanation for manufacture of bomb discovered in prison

    © Belga
    The instructions for the manufacture of a bomb have been discovered in Saint-Gilles prison.
    © Belga

    An inmate of the Saint-Gilles prison received a piece of paper, on which instructions on how to make a bomb featured, Het Laatste Nieuws reports today (Monday). An investigation carried out by the publication says that this type of incident seems to be on the rise.

    The inmate discovered the plan in mid-December in his prison cell. Surprised, the man in his twenties, who is not implicated in any terrorism case, alerted his lawyer.

    The latter communicated the information to the police who are currently investigating the matter.

    The instructions were intended for another prisoner, but reached the wrong cell in error.

    The Minister of Justice, Koen Geens (New Flemish Alliance), has already made available more than five million euros for the fight against radicalisation, but these efforts are proving insufficient to combat the problem.

    The Prisons Department receives information on a daily basis on religious radicalisation.

    Lars Andersen
    The Brussels Times