Supermarkets wish to test reusable plastic bags for fruit and vegetables

Supermarkets wish to test reusable plastic bags for fruit and vegetables
It is very likely that the use of reusable plastic bags for fruit and vegetables will bear fruit for retail!

Seven large supermarket chains will launch a pilot project this year, using reusable bags for fruit and vegetables. This was indicated yesterday (Friday) by the federation for commerce and services, Comeos, confirming information received from the publications De Morgen and Het Laatste Nieuws. These bags will not necessarily be charged for.

The pilot project, in which in particular, Colruyt, Carrefour and Delhaize, will participate, is not yet quite ready for take-off.

Amongst other things, the chains have yet to choose both participating shops and whether the bags should be issued for free or charged for.

Comeos says that these reusable bags offer a better alternative to paper bags. The later have a greater environmental impact, having to be transported further and tearing more easily. Checkout assistants would still have to open paper bags to see what they contain.

The federation for commerce and services says that within retail globally the use of paper bags would, moreover, lead to additional total staff costs of 3.8 million euros.

“We wish to take particular initiatives and try certain things as we did ten years ago with reusable bags at the checkout,” Comeos continues. Since then, 4,560 tonnes of plastic have been saved.

The results of the pilot project will be sent to the government.

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