Unemployment rate lower in Brussels than in Antwerp or Ghent
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    Unemployment rate lower in Brussels than in Antwerp or Ghent

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    The Brussels government's unemployment policy seems to have had some good effects in the last year.
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    The Brussels Minister for Employment Didier Gosuin (of DéFI – the liberal/social liberal party) welcomed the decrease in unemployment announced yesterday (Tuesday) in the capital. It is now lower than in Antwerp or Ghent but still remains relatively high at 18.8% compared to 7.6% for the country as a whole.

    Mr Gosuin flagged up, during the DéFI party’s New Year’s reception, “Two years ago, unemployment in the Brussels area was far superior to that of Antwerp or Ghent. Currently, unemployment tends to be slightly above or below the two Flemish cities from month to month.”

    He went on, “Unemployment is even significantly lower than the Walloon cities, such as Liège or Charleroi.”

    Rather than attacking individuals, the party decided to take advantage of the event to assess positively – mid-term – the work of their ministers in the Brussels government.

    Mr Gosuin yesterday also welcomed the fact that the skills for Employment and Professional Training having been merged into the hands of a single minister within this parliament – his.

    He says that this decision has paid off even if the “neo-liberal” policy has considerably put the brakes on an attempt of the Brussels coalition to eliminate inequalities within the region.

    Oscar Schneider
    The Brussels Times