Uccle stabbings: woman committed under Belgian mental health legislation

The Philippine woman, Amalia R -aged 52 – who attacked three people with a knife on August 22nd, was committed under mental health legislation. This was held in the judgement made by the Brussels Indictment Division.

The incident took place on August 22nd on the Chaussée de Waterloo, in Uccle. The Philippine national argued with several passengers on a bus. She then attacked them with a knife. Two people were injured at that point. The woman then got off the bus and injured a third person.

The local police went to the scene and tried to control the woman. Police opened fire on her when she refused to obey their orders. The woman was injured in the arm and the chest, without endangering her life.

Amalia R.’s lawyer said that her mental state was affected during the year and she believed that someone wanted to steal her handbag. The psychiatric report declared her mentally unstable.

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